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Guide for your Wedding Morning

Your wedding morning sets the tone of your day, make it unforgettable! With experience, I have learned the Do's and Don'ts for the morning of your wedding, these are the pointers that stood out to me the most.

Don't arrive to your getting ready location at your hair & makeup's arrival time. This will cause our start time to be delayed. You will want to set up the space, get your girls robes out & ready. Arrive at least 15 minutes before our arrival to give yourself time to prepare everything and say your hellos!

Wear something strapless under your robe. Many bridal artists tend to glam up the neck, chest, and collarbones. Having a tube top or bando will make it a lot easier to apply makeup without ruining your clothes.

Don't stress over giving each bridesmaid set timeframes, have everyone arrive around the same time to hang out. It will flow best to take whoever is ready, otherwise we will run behind waiting for them. If you have specific time frames for each person, what happens is Bridesmaid #1 arrives EXACTLY at that time. She'll need to get into her robe, run to the bathroom, say hi to everyone, and make her mimosa. That is 15 minutes longer for her to start, causing the day to run behind.

Don't wait to steam your dresses until after hair and makeup. Steaming dresses will make you sweat! This will cause your hair to frizz and face to sweat. Have whoever is getting hair and makeup done last steam the dresses ASAP to avoid the sweat.

Collect all your vendor payments before hand. The bride should be putting together an envelope with the balance due, ready to go the morning of. Trying to figure out what each person owes and chasing down who paid or didn't pay will end up causing your vendors to run late, which may end up in the bride paying late fees.


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