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How to Ace Your Makeup Trial

Depending on your event, this beauty look may be the most important makeup of your life, and many clients don’t know where to start when it comes to anything about makeup! Here's some tips to make you feel more comfortable and prepared when going into your trial.

Collect images of makeup you love. Pictures of models and celebrities are often retouched, but they are to use as inspiration and will help guide us through your consultation.

Find an image of yourself that you absolutely love. Bring these images with you as well, and be sure to explain what you love about the pictures (e.g. I love how the eye shadow brings out the color of my eyes).

Get to know your skin type. Paying attention to your skin will help you be prepared for what makeup will be best suited for your skin. If you notice you get super oily, it would be best to use mattifying products. Where as if you notice your skin is more flakey or dry you would be more suited with moisturizing dewy products.

What to wear. Wearing a top that is a similar color to your dress will give you an idea on how your makeup will appear when paired with your dress color. Be prepared to wear something low-cut to ensure you can get glam on your décolletage area.

Have an idea on your hair. Arrive with your hair similar to how your hair will be done the day of your event. You don't have to literally get it done, but if you know you will have an updo wear your hair up in a bun or pony.

Be prepared to have your picture taken! Taking pictures with a camera that has a bright flash will help you determine what your makeup will look like under a professional camera flash, which tends to wash you out. It'll also help you have a reference photo to be able to know what you want different for the day of.

Bridal makeup should be timeless. 20 years from now you should be able to look back at the pictures and still feel like your look is beautiful and classic.

Ask for what you want. This event could be considered one of the most important days of your life, so don’t hesitate to ask your makeup artist for the exact look you want, and if you don’t like part of the look, make sure to speak up.


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