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Thank you for your interest in my makeup services, please carefully review the policies below as they are nonnegotiable. These procedures were created to assure that your appointment goes smoothly. 




*When coming to my location for service, DO NOT BRING A GUEST, especially for trials. The only exception is a parent if a minor is being serviced. I will ask your guest to stand outside for the duration of your appointment, if the guest is a child, your appointment must be rescheduled.

The address is 178 South Street, Freehold NJ.  There is a parking lot provided!


You're on camera! Please note that all of my sessions are recorded through a security camera at all times. If you must change clothing at my studio please do so in the bathroom.


I do not travel for parties less than 3, please be mindful in booking that if you do not meet my minimum for travel your service will be done at my location. You MUST ask me to travel prior to booking or there is a possibility I cannot come to you. Your deposits will not be refunded. Travel fees will apply, minimum $50 for ANY AND ALL LOCATIONS to leave my studio. message for an exact quote. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK EXPECTING MOBILE SERVICES IF YOU DO NOT MEET MY MINIMUM


PDF contracts are required for all travel bookings. For all other appointments you must submit this form by entering your information below. YOUR APPOINTMENT IS NOT SECURED WITHOUT SUBMITTING IT.


Deposits are required at the time of booking. When a deposit is made please know that it is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date or person. YOUR BALANCE MUST BE PAID IN CASH DAY OF. NO EXCEPTIONS. YOU MUST HAVE PAID A DEPOSIT OR YOUR DATE IS NOT SECURED. Trials do not secure your date.


You must contact me at some point before your appointment, especially if it is a last minute appointment you must reach out BEFORE booking (within a week before the date). If we do not ever speak I am subjected to not being able to accommodate your appointment, and will need to refund your deposit as well as cancel. CONFIRMATION TEXTS OR CALLS MUST BE ANSWERED OR YOUR APPOINTMENT IS SUBJECTED TO BE CANCELLED WITH NO DEPOSIT REFUND.


If for any reason you must cancel your appointment, your deposit is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be put to another booking for the future. The deposit is only refundable if I am unable to complete the appointment. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before your scheduled time, you will be required to pay any future appointments in full upon booking, which will not be refunded if you cancel. Completed services like trials will not be refunded in any case, even if I am not available for your future date, in order to avoid this you must book your future date prior to your trial. Bridal bookings must cancel within 30 days of booking their wedding or will be responsible for paying the rest of their balance.


When booking your appointment please be mindful of the time you are booking for. If you are 15 or more minutes late, an additional $20 late fee will be added. ANY AND ALL late appointments passed your scheduled time may be cancelled at my discretion, if you do not let me know you are running late I will mark you as a No Call No Show. NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS. Please give yourself ample time to arrive to your appointment in case of traffic. I have a parking lot but I am on a Main Street. I will enforce my late fees in ALL occasions, no exceptions.


If for any reason you do not give notice that you are not coming or will be late to your appointment, your deposit is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE! In addition you will no longer be able to book again.


Please be prepared for your appointment upon arrival. Come with your face clean of ANY makeup. Wear a LOW cut or strapless shirt underneath your clothes, I AM NOT LIABLE FOR ANY CLOTHING STAINED BY MAKEUP. If you have ANY allergies (food, animal, etc) or preferences you must disclose them prior to booking your appointment. I often bring my dog to the studio if this is an issue please let me know before hand. If you do not state your allergies before our appointment I will not service you as I won't have time to check ingredients or patch test you. I do not and will not use your personal makeup products if you bring them unless you notify me before booking. 

Thanks for accepting terms & conditions!

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